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Optical Encoder Motor-25 6V/185RPM

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Optical Encoder Motor-25 6V/185RPM




In contrast to the DC motor, a photoelectric encoder is added into the encoder motor for detecting speed which is fed back to the signal input terminal for PID control to implement servo control for the motor.


  • Control the speed and displacement for the motor precisely;
  • Users can customize their own PID parameter by self-contained software;
  • It provides overload protection.
Actuators conditions
Rated voltage 6.0V (DC)
Temperature range -20?~+60?
Humidity range 0%-90%
No-load characteristics
No-load current ? 200 mA
No-load speed 185±10% rpm
Load characteristics
Rated load 0.9
Rated current ? 550mA
Rated speed 135±10% rpm
Starting torque
Locked-rotor current ? 2.0 A

Size Chart:

Height/Width/Length: 16 x 9 x 3mm (0.6 x 0.35 x 0.1inch)

Part List:

1 x Optical Encoder  Motor-25 6V/185RPM

1 x Encoder Motor Wire


Before using, please make sure there is enough distance between the white sensor and the black coding disk as below picture for the white sensor may be damaged by the rotating part.