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1 Channel 220V WiFi Module with Inching & Self-Lock Mode + 433M

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1 Channel 220V WiFi Module with Inching & Self-Lock Mode + 433M Wireless Remote Controller Phone APP Control for Smart Home

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1. Description:
1>.Control Way:WIFI 1 channel phone APP remote control + key manual control + 433M wireless remote control (include remote controller);
2>.Transmission Way: WIFI communication (when the control module connects WIFI , it can support cellphone 2G, 3G, 4G network signal control. Users can achieve wireless remote control via learning 433M remote control);
3>.Controllable Circuit: AC 50-270V power supply; active output;
4>.Control Distance: infinite;
5>.Operating Voltage: AC 50-270V power supply (L connects live line, N connects zero line); when the power supply is 220V, it will output 220V; and it can directly connect 220V household appliances;
6>.Output Max Control Current: 10A;
7>.Terminal Platform: Android/IOS;
8>.Operating Temperature: -25~85 Celsius;
9>.Box size:73*54*29mm;
10>.PCB size:68*49*18mm.
1>.Inching/self-lock switch. After mode setting has done, even power off and restart, the mode will not change.
A. Inching: press the key then loosen it, the relay will operate; after 1s, it will automatically close;
B. Self-Lock: press the key then loosen it, the relay will operate; press the key again, the relay will close.
2>.433M Wireless Remote Control Learning Function: the module can study common 433M remote controller (such as 2260, 2262, 2264, 1527 etc); even there is no WIFI , it can achieve wireless intelligent control;
3>.WIFI Cellphone APP Remote Intelligent Control: after cellphone has matched with the module, it can achieve infinite distance control (please guarantee that the module connects WIFI ); at the same time, it has manual key switch function.
3.Matching Process:
1>.Use your phone to search“eWeLink”and download the APP;
2>.Install the software;
3>.Use your phone number to register APP account;
4>.After the register has done, log in the software;
5>.Long press the S2 key on the controller for 5s, the indicator lamp will become fast flash from slow flash; then loosen the key, select “+” to add the device; continuously click “next step”, when you are requested to choose lamp flashing method, please select the same way with the module; when asked to input WIFI name and password, please input the WIFI name and password in your home; click the “next step” until the matching is successful;
6>.After auto adding has done, name the device name by your own, click“finish”.
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