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6-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm, Assembled

199,00 €

Production Quality

Structure consists of different thickness of CNC machined PVC plates, making it a  durable and quality product guaranteed. The main joints utilize metal gear servos (MG966R and SG90), ensuring a reliable and smooth operation.

Motion Flexibility

Quality servos, precision structure, and 6 axis design allow an immense range of motion and flexibility within its reasonable limits.


Servos are completely programmable using any microcontroller and code. We provide a lot of source code on our wiki webpage(SainSmart Wiki)for the Uno R3, making this unit suitable for beginners! (Uno R3 and Shield are not included; purchase here UnoR3 and Shield)

All the parts are fully assembled, allowing for immediate programming and use.

Stem Education

Simulate this real palletizing robot arm and learn about the basic construction of a real robot arm. A fun STEM educational experience in mechanical engineering and electronics.