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163,11 €


Heavy outdoor beacon:

  • TX-only beacon – can transmit ultrasonic, but can’t receive it
  • Electronics is IP67 protected
  • Special IP67-protected 25-kHz transducers
  • External antenna with SMA connector for extended radio range
  • Two IP67 external connectors:
    1. Power:
      • +12V input
      • +5V input
      • +3.3V output
      • GND
    2. Interfaces:
      • RS485
      • UART 3.3V
      • USB (TX+RX)
      • GND
  • Corresponding IP67 connectors (male part) included
  • No battery inside
  • Extended working temperature range: -40C…+50C (not tested, provided by design)
  • Embedded reset switch and DFU switch – magnetic control
  • Can work together with modems with corresponding radio (radio bands must match)
  • Can work with any DSP beacon or Beacon HW v4.9 with 25kHz ultrasonic sensors (radio bands must match)
  • Most of all designed to work together with Outdoor versions of DSP beacons: DSP “watch” HW v5.xx and heavy outdoor Beacon-RX-IP67 (radio bands must match)
  • Up to 30m with Beacon DSP+IMU+Outdoor
  • Optional external IP67 converter ~110/220V to +12V

Produced on request. Lead time – several days.