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CR-6 Hexapod Robot

480,00 €

  • Super long running time
  • Multiple control methods
  • Replaceable plug-in digital servo
  • Support secondary development
  • Special structure reduce the weight of the body

Hiwonder CR-6 Hexapod Robot is a programmable robot product based on Arduino. It has built-in 18 high-precision digital servos, which can imitate crawl movements and perform various actions. The integrated structural design makes the body more strong and stable. CR-6 Hexapod Robot supports mobile phone control and handles control. Combined with the available varieties of electronic modules, User can create and program more actions and functionalities. 


  • Hybrid structure; made of hard aluminum alloy and fiberglass material, greatly reduce the weight of the body. 

  • Plug-in digital servo; facilitate the installation or replacement of the servo.

  • Super long running time; optimize the robot to improve the service time to 90 minutes.

  • The integrated structure makes the robot structure stronger.

  • Visual programming; simplify the complexity and provide free PC visual programming software to code.

  • Multiple control methods; support for mobile phones, wireless handle, tablets, and computer control.

  • Support secondary development.

Item Specification
Hardware Parts CR-6 hexapod spider robot special robot servo controller
PC Software PC-side visualization PC software+Android App+Apple App
Servo Parameters LDX-218 digital servo & LDX-227 digital servo,  size: 40mm*20mm*40.5mm gear

Package List

1* CR-6 Hexapod Robot frame
1* 7.4V lithium battery+charger
18* servo wire
1* USB cable
1* PS2 wireless handle and receiver
18* LDX-218 high precision digital servo
1* 20 channel servo controller+Bluetooth
N* winding tube
Package List
(With Secondary Development Kit)
1* CR-6 Hexapod Robot frame
1* infrared remote control and receiver
1* sound sensor
1* accelerometer and gyro sensor
1* ultrasonic sensor(with protective case)
1* ultrasonic switching module
1* anti-blocking servo LFD-01
1* light  sensor
1* OLED screen
4* infrared obstacle avoidance sensor
1* color sensor
1* Arduino secondary development controller
1* USB cable
N* connecting wire