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G-Code Prozessor 3D V. 3.0

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Product information "G-Code Prozessor 3D V. 3.0"

GRBL and Arduino based 3D CNC Control 

This hardware solution allows you in a very simple way, to mill your CNC G-Code files in 3D with your CNC mill. 

The G-Code processor links a windows PC / Linux / Mac to a CNC machine with a parallel port. This box also contains - besides a USB  and a parallel port -  an Arduino microcomputer with GRBL firmware. With this G-Code processor you can controll any CNC machine that possess a parallel port, which uses clock / direction signals for approach. The machine is directly linked to the G-Code processor. 

The G-Code processor works with GRBL. Since GRBL is an open source application, there are many different firmware solutions and a variety of control softwares online, which you can apply for free. You can use a custom GRBL compatible software for your machines approach, or even overwrite the Hardware directly with another firmware. We gathered a few selected testing programs, instructions and links on a CD which is also included.  

Factory settings provide the GRBL processor with GoCNC Firmware, which is set to Next 3D machines. Parameters can be customized or adjusted with the GRBL WIKI instructions.

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