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CNC Bench 3D / Pro

599,00 €

CNC Bench 3D / Pro


Bench 3D CNC is no milling machine, but a positioning device for tools of various kinds, which corresponds to the highest-claims industry.

With CNC Bench 3D various applications such as meter, laser cutting, pasting, measuring, 3D Scanning, 3D printing and many others can be realized.
These built by us equipment already in use by large, small industries and various craft enterprises to implement various automation processes. Some of these processes include, among others production of 3D stickers, feel free inkjet cartridge, of sensing of liquids in sales packaging, measure the thickness of paint layers, applying glue, draw and cut out stencils, construction of molds and many others. CNC Bench 3D is available in various sizes and can be quickly adapted to your application.

All components of the 3D CNC Bench is manufactured by German manufacturing industry with utmost accuracy, which guarantees the highest possible quality of the product and thus full customer satisfaction. Final assembly of the individual components is carried out in our workshop spaces. It will exclusively be delivered fully assembled and adjusted equipment.

Highest Quality Made in Germany!

Technical data:

3-axis mechanical design with stepper motors
External 3-axis control electronics
3D work without any problems
4th axis module optionally available
Very stable sophisticated design
small footprint
Very quiet operation
At Pro versions, all rollers with ball bearings - 42 ball bearings
Normal versions with plastics-friction bearings
Double drive of the portal
Inserts a tabletops (6 mm thickness)
High quality powder coated
Axis resolution 0.001 mm / step
Direct control via parallel port
USB controller in conjunction with CNC Studio possible
Maximum speed up to 60,000 mm / min
Seat for tools up to 250 grams.
Two tools can be switched on / off (depending on the software and application)
Reference switch on all axes
The control of CNC Bench 3D via a parallel interface (port handle) of a Pc's and any tax software that works in clock / direction Standard (CNC Easy, WinPC-NC, PCNC, Mach3 and many others). Machine control via a USB interface is just as easy to use CNC Studio USB or WinPCNC USB hardware and software. A variety of CNC software to control this machine, refer to the other on our website under the heading CNC software.

Scope of delivery:

Ready incl. Control, power supply and all Anschlusskabel.Ohne control software.
As a control software we recommend CNC Studio XT. This software specially developed, we have to control CNC Bench 3D.

From the menu the desired device.


The CNC Bench is available in thee different sizes as a standart or professional version.

The standard version is with plastic plain bearings.
In the Professional version, we have installed 42 ball bearings.
In both embodiments, the devices are maintenance-free.


Modell 4046

• Traverse Y-280 mm X-345 mm Z-120 mm
• Installation area 400 mm x 460 mm

Modell 7046

• Traverse Y-480 mm X-345 mm Z-120 mm
• Installation area 700 mm x 460 mm

Modell 11546

• Traverse Y-1030 mm X-345 mm Z-120 mm
• Installation area 1150 mm x 460 mm

Select from the menu the desired device.

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