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Proxxon MF 70 CNC Custom Kit

309,00 €

Proxxon MF 70 CNC Custom Kit


Product information "Proxxon MF 70 CNC Custom Kit"

With this conversion kit, you can upgrade your Proxxon MF70 Micro milling machine with a CNC control.

Everything you need for the conversion is in the kit available. The conversion is completed in 1-2 hours.
It is drilled into the upper plastic case only one hole in order to drive the milling motor.
Otherwise no drilling and no  soldering is required! Just screw together and let´s go!
It is controlled by Parallel interface with all commercial programs.
Our USB controller can be ordered extra.

The first CNC conversion kit for the MF70 with Timing Belts-drive!
Thanks to this solution, the motors can be better stored, the design is quieter and calmer than conventional solutions.
There also other translations of the motors are possible.
The conversion kit equips your machine with reference switch on all axes, an Emergency stop switch and an Electronic spindle control.
The spindle control can be switched on and off the milling motor via software.

The kit includes:

• Three stepper motors
• Control card Stepp 2500
• Power Supply
• All switches and cables
• All Mechanical components
• All screws
• Installation Instructions

Without milling motor!
Please note the delivery time!



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