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Monolithic Cap Kit

7,50 €

Monolithic Cap Kit


All the enthusiasts need to DIY something, and the capacitance is one of the most common supplies.Due to the diversified and versatile kinds of capacitance, it is not easy to purchase them sporadically. There are generally several K in one bag, and normal hobbyists can't spend so many of them.Therefore, we carefully prepared some usually-used capacitance for our dear customers, with classified quantities and kinds.

Monolithic Capacitors Kit is one of the most basic kit, adopting 10pF-105 (1uF), with 21 kinds in total, and each kind for 10.The relative range of Monolithic Capacitors is demonstrated as below:

  • 10P 15P 20P 30P 33P 47P 100P 220P 330P 470P
  • 102 (1NF) 2.2NF (222) 10NF (103) 22NF (223) 33MF (333) 47NF (473)
  • 0.1UF (104) 0.22UF (224) 0.33UF (334) 0.47UF (474) 1UF (105)


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Half board FR4 fiberglass

Please forgive our negligence bacause of heavy work if you receive product slightly different from the description in quantity and classification.

Package List:

  • 1 x Monolithic Cap Kit

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