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LoRa IoT Development Kit

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LoRa IoT Development Kit

4G Cellular Option

LoRa IoT Kit was designed to facilitate developers to quickly learn LoRa wireless /.and IoT technologies.

What is LoRa?

LoRa is a wireless technology developed to create the low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) required for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The technology offers a very compelling mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission and is gaining significant traction in IoT networks being deployed by wireless network operators.

A network based on LoRa wireless technology can provide coverage that is greater in range compared to that of existing cellular networks. In fact, many mobile network operators have chosen to complement their existing cellular/wireless networks with a LPWAN based on LoRa technology because it is easy to plug into their existing infrastructure and also allows them to offer their customers a solution to serve more IoT battery-operated applications.

What is Dragino LoRa Kit?

Dragino LoRa IoT Kit is designed to facilitate beginners and developers to quickly learn LoRa and IoT technology. It help users to turn the idea into a practical application and make the Internet of Things a reality. It is easy to program, create and connect your things everywhere. A number of telecom operators are currently rolling out networks, but because LoRa operates in the open spectrum you can also set up your own network. The LoRa IoT kit will show how to build LoRa network, and how to use the network to send data from a LoRa sensor node to the cloud server. When used as a private LoRa network, the LoRa gateway will connect your other LoRa nodes up to 5km however expect up to 10km range (when in line of sight) when connecting your LoRa node to a LoRa gateway!

What does Dragino LoRa Kit includes?

The Dragino Lora IoT Kit are formed by:

  • 1 x LG01-P
  • 1 x (LoRa Shield + Arduino UNO)
  • 1 x (LoRa/GPS Shield + Arduino UNO)
  • 1 x flame sensor
  • 1 x Relay
  • 1 x photosensitive sensor
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x Ultrosonic Sensor
  • 1 x DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 20 x dupont wire (male to male)
  • 20 x dupont wire (female to female)
  • 20 x dupont wire (female to male)

LoRa Gateway LG01-P

In general, gateway is a device to connect different types of network. The LG01-P is a LoRa Gateway to bridge the LoRa wireless network and IP network. The main feature of it is to: - The head to form a LoRa network. - Get data from LoRa Device in LoRa Network via LoRa wireless and process/send to IoT server in IP network via WiFi/Ethernet/3G/4G etc. - Get command from IoT Server and send it to LoRa device.

Arduino and LoRa Shield

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for anyone making interactive projects.More info please click here. In the LoRa Kit ,We provide the Arduino Uno for you. Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P.

LoRa Shield is to add LoRa wireless to an Arduino board so to build a LoRa sensor node.

LoRa GPS Shield is to add GPS and LoRa wireless to an Arduino Board to build a LoRa sensor which also include geography info.


  • DHT11: Basic temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: Use to check if there is object in front of it.
  • Photosensitive sensor: monitor the ambient light.
  • Flame sensor: Detector of a flame or fire.
  • Relay: Control the power of a device.
  • Buzzer: Create FireAlarm.
  • LED:LEDs to show status.


Dragino LoRa Kit is targeted at IoT applications functioning over LPWANs, that are required to transmit data at a low bit rate, over a long range, using low power battery operated devices.

Dragino LoRa Kit  is ideal to  prototyping  IoT applications such as:

  • Automated Meter Reading;
  • Home and Building Automation;
  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems;
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control;
  • Long range Irrigation Systems;
  • GPS tracker,etc.

It is easy for you for using Dragino LoRa IoT Kit:

Dragino LoRa IoT kit is easy to START

We are providing friendly step by step examples to let you getting start and get funs with it in a few minutes!

Dragino LoRa IoT kit is easy to DEVELOP

The LoRa sensor node is based on Arduino. There are millions examples ready in the internet, these examples cover variety sensors / applications.

The LoRa Gateway is based on OpenWrt, a well developed embedded Linux system, there is more than 3,000+ ready packages which use can use for their applications.

Dragino LoRa IoT kit is easy to maintain

The Dragino LoRa Gateway support auto-update/ auto-provisioning feature. This help users easily maintain their LoRa network.

Dragino LoRa IoT kit is easy to manufacture

The LoRa node and LoRa module base on module solution. we have made all the difficulty things in a module so if user want to make their own products, they can easy to make it in low cost ,low risk and short time.

In Dragino LoRa IoT Kit, What we provide:

  • Necessary hardware to start with IoT projects for studying, evaluating.
  • Learning the Arduino code and some other mcu knowledge.
  • Learning how to use the commonly used sensors.
  • Learning the basic knowledge of Linux.
  • Learning the basic construction of IoT and how it works.
  • Learning the LoRa wireless technology.
  • Learning how to build a LoRa network.
  • Learning how to use your sensor network to communicate with different IoT servers.

For customers to be more convenient to use Dragino LoRa IoT Kit, we will provide a number of examples on how to use this suite, and we will continue to improve and public new examples.

Examples includes:

  • How to use LoRa to receive / send data collected by a variety of sensors.
  • How to use the kit to build LoRa wireless network.
  • How to use the kit to interact with a variety of IoT servers.
  • How to encrypt the data collected by the sensor.
  • How to transmit data reliability.
  • How to group the node or gateway in LoRa network.
  • How to optimize the code to support 100+ nodes.


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