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  • Universal CNC model-making machine for creative modellers
  • Turn your ideas into machined products in no time
  • Stable, compact, accurate and fast
  • Various accessories tools available
  • Various materials can be processed
  • As a kit easy and quick to assemble. Only screwed together - done!
  • Complete equipment
  • Reliability and durability due to high quality components
  • Compact and space-saving machine design
  • Easy connection to PC
  • Made in Germany with warranty

The universal desktop CNC-/3D-System to live your ideas

Excellent quality at a fair price

To ensure sufficient accuracy and stability of the machine, the STEPCRAFT aluminum profile series has been developed. It consists of two different linear track profiles and the cover profile. All other connecting elements consist of aluminum or stainless steel and together with the profiled structure they ensure the required rigidity. The stepper motors from Nanotec® have been carefully selected and specifically adapted to exactly fit the machine. The electronics have been specially designed to match the characteristics of the motors so that sufficient power for a reliable operation of the 3D system is ensured.

DIY-Kit or ready built machine

The machine is available as a DIY-kit or as a directly operational system. If you opt for the kit, you save money. The construction of the machine is designed so that you can simply build up the machine within a few hours without any special tools. Only screw together - done! The EasyBuild installation instruction needs (almost) no text.

Complete Equipment

The machine, whether as a DIY-kit or ready built machine, is supplied with all necessary components for operation: All necessary mechanical and electronic components, such as Power supply, connecting cable are included. Not included are the system-based tools.


Due to the 43mm collar a wide range of tools can be used. With optional adapters, you can also use Proxxon or Dremel tools as drilling-/milling spindles directly. Other drilling-/milling spindles up to a power limit of 500 watts can also be used. Other system-guided tools, such as a drag knife, engraving needle or hot cutting system can be used optionally.
With the parallel interface of the STEPCRAFT 3D system many CNC-software, such as EMC2, Mach 3, and more can be used.

Additional Info

  • Clamping surface (X Y): 210 x 290 mm / 8.3 x 11.4 inch
  • Working space (X Y Z): 210 x 210 x 80 mm / 8.3 x 8.3 x 3.15 inch
  • Passage height: 95 mm / 3.74 inch
  • Torsional stiffness (20N) (X Y Z): 0,05 mm – 0,12 mm = 0.0019 - 0.0047 inch
  • Repeatability: +/- 0,04 mm = +/- 0.0016 inch
  • Programmable resolution: 0,005 mm = 0.0002 inch
  • Backlash: approx. 0,08 mm / 0.003 inch (with software adjustable to 0,00 mm)
  • Speed: 1800 mm/min = 70.86 inch/min
  • Spindles: Round-Thread-Spindles
  • Linear guides: STEPCRAFT Aluminiumprofile (EN AW-6063 T66) with roller guides
  • Motor: Stepper motors
  • Tool clamp: Ø 43 mm / 0.016 inch (optional smaller diameters)
  • Overall size (LxBxH): 340 x 342 x 350 mm / 13.39 x 13.47 x 13.78 inch
  • Weight: 11,0 kg
  • Working plate: HPL
  • Color: STEPCRAFT orange, Aluminium, white
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240 V
  • Output voltage (motors): 30 V
  • Power consumption: 90 W
  • Interface: USB

Delivery content

  • Complete DIY-kit including all mechanical and electronic components
  • Beginner software WinPC-NC starter (enables 2.5 dimensional operation) to control the machine via USB-interface (no software is included with the parallel version)

  • USB- or parallel cable connection
  • Operating and assembly instructions EasyBuild


  • Individually designed and manufactured, STEPCRAFT basic profiles provide the necessary torsional rigidity and functionality
  • Connecting elements made of stainless steel or aluminum
  • 6-point ball bearing carriage on all axles/linear profiles
  • Play-free movement of the carriages (continuous adjustability, freely accessible externally without disassembly)
  • Round-thread spindle with precision spindle nut from wear-resistant plastic
  • Working with at least 1800 mm/min feed
  • Inspection covers on the Y-axis for maintenance and care
  • Silicone sealing profile for protecting the mechanism from dirt on the Y-axis
  • Worktop made of wear-resistant HPL, optional aluminum T-slot plate
  • Quick-change system for the exchange of the worktop, e.g. for the installation and exchange of offering-worktops without loss of working space
  • Integrated workpiece clamping system for plate materials with a thickness of up to 15 mm
  • Flexible tool holder through Ø 43 mm clamping collar, optional adapter elements are available for M19x2 mm (Dremel) and Ø 20 mm (Proxxon)
  • Integrated control electronics in the machine housing, thus only one connecting cable from the machine to the computer
  • Modular control electronics with standard USB port. Parallel port and 4-axis are optional
  • Stable value and optical preservation through easy-care and wear-resistant surfaces (powder coating, anodizing)
  • Compact size of the desktop system
  • Easy build construction manual shows using pictures detailed step-by-step assembly of the CNC-/3D-Desktop System within a few hours
  • Reputed control software that has been specifically designed with regard to the needs of a first-time user with respect to its functionality range
  • Compatibility of the machine for each NC control software
  • Delivery as an assembly kit saves time and money (the delivery as finished machine is optional)
  • Made in Germany
  • 2 years warranty


  • Worktop made of aluminum T-slot plate
  • Parallel-Port-module (connection of the computer via LPT1)
  • 4th axis module (possible with WinPC-NC Economy)
  • Tool adapter 43/20 mm (Proxxon)
  • Tool adapter 43/19x2 mm (Dremel)
  • andere Software

required Tools

  • Slotted screwdriver 3 mm
  • Allen wrench 1,5, 2,0, 2,5, 3,0, 4,0 and 5,0 mm
  • Spanner 7 mm and 8 mm
  • long-nose pliers
  • slide gauge
  • Cutting knife

System Requirement

  • PC with 1 GHz processor
  • USB-interface
  • Windows® XP, Windows Vista™, Windows® 7/8 (32/64 bit)
  • MAC OS X 10.3.9 or higher with Windows® emulation

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