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XBee PRO 60mW - Antenna a Filo

41,90 €
MODULO XBee PRO 60mW con Antenna a Filo


Il modulo XBee e' una soluzione compatibile con lo standard ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 che soddisfa la necessita' di una rete a basso costo e a basso consumo

Choosing the right XBee module is best accomplished by taking a look at our XBee Comparison Chart You only need to choose an antenna style (chip or wire) and power level (1mW for up to 300ft and 60 mW for up to 1 mile).

Key Specifications:

  • Wire antenna
  • Transmit power 60 mW (+ 18 dBm)
  • 1200 bps - 250 kbps RF data rate
  • 300 ft (90m) indoor/urban range and 1 mile (1.6 km) outdoor line-of-sight range
  • Supply voltage 2.8-3.4V; transmit current 215 mA; receive current 55 mA
  • Power-down current <10 uA
  • 3.3V CMOS UART interface level
  • Configured with API or AT commands, local or over the air
  • 2.4 GHz frequency band
  • (6) 10-bit ADC inputs
  • 8 digital I/O