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DFRobot - Xbee Shield For Arduino

9,90 €

DFRobot - Xbee Shield For Arduino


The Arduino XBee shield is designed to meet  wireless sensor networks such as wifi, bluetooth 2.0/4.0 and zigbee. The module is easy to use, low power consumption, and the provision of critical data between devices reliable transmission. 

This xbee shield for arduino can be directly stack on top of Arduino Uno / Leonardo and Mega. It provides a 5-3.3V voltage converter to allow 3.3V communication modules to interface Arduino 5V system.  

The compatibility of this arduino xbee shield is now extremely good.  It supports not only  zigbee module, but also wifi and bluetooth module.  Such as Wifi  beeBluetooth 2.0 Bee Ready Board , Bluetooth 4.0 Bee Ready Board.   It also supports the most popular Esp8266 wifi bee module.

For some IOT projects, you may need dual xbee modules to convert bluetooth to wifi or vice verse.  The Bees Shield For Arduinocould fit the requirement. 

The Xbee module is widely used in the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel and Europe. The establishment of RF communication does not require any configuration and the module's default configuration supports a wide range of data system applications. You can also use a simple AT command to advanced configuration. An OEM developer is now XBee code development package. It is self-developed in collaboration with the MaxStream ZigBee/802.15.4 RF module code.





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