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XH-M544 TPA3116DA 150W Mono Digital Amplifier Module Digital Aud

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XH-M544 TPA3116DA 150W Mono Digital Amplifier Module Digital Audio Amplifying Board DC 12-26V



1. Description:
This product is a built-in TPA3116D2 chip with the power channel digital power amplifier board.
2. Parameters:
No. Parameter Value
1 Chip TPA3116D2
2 Supply voltage DC 12-26V
3 Output power Less than 150W
4 Output load 4-8 Ohm
5 Frequency Response 14-100KHz
6 Signal to noise ratio 100DB
7 Vocal tract Single channel
8 Net weight 67g
9 Appearance size 77*73*16mm
3. Features:
1>. Complete capacitance design
2>. Pre stage amplifier system
3>. MB series
4>. Military grade PCB
5>. SMT patch technology
4. Module Details
1>. Connected mobile phone computer
2>. Home Theater
3>. DIY audio
5. Using Attention:
Please do not connect the power and the speaker freely. Please refer to the data provided by the product description for reasonable collocation. Otherwise, the function board will be damaged.
6. Warm tips:
Power amplifiers can be noisy in some cases. Here are some common reasons
1>. Hardware problem:
The power supply is unstable, or the power supply module generates interference.
The influence of switching power supply as power supply.
Using transformer power supply, do not do shielding isolation.
There are electromagnetic interference in the use of the environment.
The audio input device itself has problems.
Power and power amplifier should maintain a certain distance. To avoid electromagnetic interference, it is best to use high quality power supply, power supply will be stable.
If you use transformers and other power supplies, it is best to use iron cover to prevent electromagnetic interference.
2>. Software problem:
Interference of Audio driver settings
Interference of Player effects
When the power amplifier is connected to the computer or mobile phone, the relevant special effects software or sound card driver special effects can be set off.
Using special effects to ensure that the output of the power amplifier is not affected.