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External RC Control Board

35,00 €
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The Ext -R control board is an in-line, compact, simplified version of the LAC.   This board has our standard RC input and position controller, making it compatible with most RC receivers, and a wide array of controllers such as Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.  
 In addition to position feedback based Stall Protection, an adjustable potentiometer allows you to set a current limit between 0A and 1A.  This can help increase the life of the actuator by limiting the maximum force the actuator will generate when over loaded.
The board can be powered by the 3 wire RC connection, or by connecting an external supply to the extra pins.  See connection diagram for more detail.  

 The Ext-R is compatible with any P16, T16, P8 or L8 model ending in -P .  A -R extension cable, and piece of heat shrink is included.