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Micro Linear Servo PQ12-R

81,15 €

PQ12-R Micro Linear Servo for RC & Arduino 6V

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PQ12-R Micro Linear Servo for RC & Arduino 6V

Weighing in at just 15g, the PQ12-R is our newest and smallest micro linear servo! The PQ12-R series micro linear servos operate as a direct replacement for standard rotary servos. They use the same standard 3 wire connector, ground, power and control. Regardless of how you drive your servos, be it with an RC receiver, an Arduino board, or a VEX micro-controller, the PQ12-R servo will function in place of a regular servo, but with the added benefit of providing linear motion. 

If you're looking for the smallest linear servo that can handle a max force of up to 11lbs, then the PQ12-R series is for you!

The PQ12-R comes in 3 unique models featuring:

  • Stroke length of 20mm (0.78")
  • 3 gearing options for maximum forces between 18N (4lbs) and 50N (11lbs)
  • Available in 6V

NOTE: The PQ12-R will not operate with Futaba receivers like the R6014FS that output 2.7 volts. You will need a Smart Fly Power Expander or Orbit Power Jack to bring the signal level up to 5vdc for the PQ12-R to operate.

Check out the video below for an example of the PQ12 in action. This is the Baxter Robot fitted with an AR10 robotic hand driven by the PQ12.

These micro linear servos are approved by First Tech Challenge and are compatible with their allowed servo controllers

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