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NB-IoT Shield DeLuxe - Single Band 5 or Band 28

95,00 €

NB-IoT Shield DeLuxe - Single Band 5 or Band 28


The NB-IoT Arduino Shield is an Arduino compatible board that can easily be added to any
Arduino board. Just plug our shield onto any Arduino board. It is compatible with hundreds
of different boards out there, varying from an original Arduino Uno, to for instance the latest
ST Nucleo board. The Shield connects through the brand new u-blox Sara N2 NB-IoT
module. All you need to do is pop in a sim-card (more on that below) and you can create
your own NB-IoT applications. To help you get started, we already have an easy to use
library of applications with which you will be sending messages on the NB-IoT network in
just a few minutes.


  • HTS221 temperature and humidity sensor
  • LPS22HB digital barometer (260-1260 hPa range)
  • LSM303C digital magnetometer and accelerometer


The Board is avaliable in 3 versions.

the N201 version if for Band 5
the N280 version is for Band 28

The boards get supplied with an SMA stick antenna.